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In this section, you will find a detailed explanation of the privacy policy and it’s use, which we would ask you to read so as to navigate the website of Real Estate Cala D'or (Inmobiliaria Cala d'Or).

Fincador S.L. ( shown from now as Inmobiliaria Cala D’Or ) through its web “” requests its users certatain personal details from it’s users for the subscription or use of some of our services. The details given by the users will be automatically kept in a personal file belonging to Inmobiliaria Cala D’Or, which will be processed to allow us to give the user the services requested.
The user authorizes Inmobiliaria Cala D’Or to include his or her personal data in the respective files and the use of them for the registry and services agreed between the two parts. The user also authorizes with regards to the contract the use of his or her personal data for the sending of commercial offers and publicity by any means be it traditional or electronic ( ie. Telephone, fax, e-mail, post or any other means ) by third parties of Inmobiliaria Cala D’Or.
And finally can use this data including polls and or forms of which the user is not obliged to answer. The personal data obtained from the registered users is kept in a data base owned by Inmobiliaria Cala D’Or that contains the technical data providing security that guarantees the confidentiality and integrity of the information conforming with the Organic Law ( Ley Orgánica) 15/1999 of the 13th of December of Personal Character Data Protection and in the Royal Decree ( Real Decreto ) 994/1999 of the 11th of June of Security of Automation that contain personal character data and other applicable norms.
Inmbiliaria Cala D’Or will use cookies when the user surfs the web site The cookies will be associated only with anonymous users and their computer and will not give references that would permit finding out the name and surnames of the user. Thanks to the cookies it is possible for Inmobiliaria Cala D’Or to recognize registered users after they have registered for the first time without having to register each time they enter the areas and services reserved for their exclusive use. The user has the option to stop the use of cookies by means of electing the corresponding option in his or her navigation program.
The user guarantees that the personal data given to Inmobiliaria Cala D’Or is true and he or she is responsible of letting Inmobiliaria Cala D’Or know of any modifications that may be presented. Inmobiliaria Cala D’Or will provide the users with the technical resources so that they can see this notice about the Privacy Policy or any other relevant information and so that they can give their consent to Inmobiliaria Cala D’Or to procede with the automation of their personal data being in agreement with the present document. Any registered user can, at any time, use his or her right to enter, rectify or cancel their personal data given to Inmobiliaria Cala D’Or by means of written communication sent to Finca D’Or S. L ( Marketing department, Plaza Ibiza 30, Cala D’Or, 07660 Mallorca). This communication can also be done by e-mail to:

Finca D'Or SL.
NIF (Tax Identification Number): B-07643414
Address: Plaza Ibiza, 30. 07660 Cala d'Or - Mallorca
Tel. + 00 34 971 659 200

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