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Real estate agents A.P.I.

Real Estate Cala d´Or , through its owner, Mr. Fernando Magnasco Serra , is a charter member of Real Estate Property Agents A.P.I. Balearic Islands under number 603 .

What is an API?

API's are the only professionals that the State, through the Ministry of Fomento, are approved, due to their knowledge of real estate operations, to intervene in the sale of properties. They are obliged to respect the rights of their clients and to fulfill the laws and have the knowledge and experience necessary to bring purchase and sale operations from start to finish in a legal manner.
Following this philosophy , Inmobiliaria Cala D'Or as a collegial professional when selling to buy or rent a property, will help you:

  • Value the property in an objective and fair manner using official and valid valuation techniques.
  • Advise regarding mortgages that best suit your requirements.
  • Double check all paperwork, documents, debts and legal aspects of potential properties.
  • Organise, draw up and arrange all private and public contracts.
  • Obtaining and double checking all documentation pertinent to the property making sure all is above board and correct.
  • Be by your side, guiding and advising you, from the start of your purchase/sale to the final signing date at the Notary.
  • Recommend the best professionals that you may need.
  • Ensure all services are changed to the buyers name and all paperwork is up to date and correct.

Lastly to inform you that Inmobliaria Cala D'Or has a professional insurance policy with the API (Agentes de la Propiedad Inmobiliaria) to cover any possible claim regarding their professionality so as to be able to aid you with their knowledge, experience and thus save you from problems, time and money.


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